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  • davidmorse42 davidmorse42 Oct 17, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this nugget.........

    from the updated slide presentation.

    Slide 42: The Stalder#3 (Utica) in Monroe County, OH has a 30 day average IP rate of 1689 BOE/PD!!!!!

    Also on the Farley pad, they had accomplished only 2 frack stages before the well blew out. They now have the wellhead pressure under control and "the fracture stimulation treatment is currently ongoing". I can't wait for the results from this well!

    Dave Morse (now only a "lurker")

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    • Maybe I'm blind, but I just took another look at that slide and see there are TWO wells (#2 and #3) on that pad. I wasn't aware of anything other than the initial vertical well used for correlative purposes(plugged) and the initial well which experienced the problems. Where did the other one come from? Don't think it was on there when I looked at it earlier today, but maybe I just overlooked it.....

    • Hey David...nice to hear from a "LURKER" again! Thought maybe the snow had gotten to you up there. :-) When I was at the Stalder Pad on Labor Day they had completed 2 stages and were tripping out of the hole due to some circulation issues, I believe. Now it's been 6+ weeks, so I wonder what indeed is the current state of that well. I doubt they've drilled another into the Utica and fracked it by now, so did they complete it or is it, in fact, a "guestimmate". Surely, they wouldn't include a best guess on that slide, would they?

    • Dave, glad to hear back from you. It's been awhile. I would love to hear your take on GRH and that 8-K that Gary Evans dropped on the GRH short seller. I'd love it if you posted your updated takes on that stock, as I've accumulated a sizable position in the common (for me).

    • Hi David. I'm still running 20-26 miles per week and going on five months now. You were the inspiration. Thanks.

    • thanks, I missed the update on the Farley well. I didn't think the Stadler Pad Utica well had been completed, are you sure that isn't just their estimate? that well is likely all dry gas, and that is just the conversion of 10,000 MCF to BOE equivilent.

    • Good to hear from you again, David. Please lurk a bit more and let us hear from you when you do. Nice catch on slide 42. I would love to hear/learn the precise mix and hope at least a fair amount is not dry gas; however, even with a lot of gas, it appears the Stalder pad is well located for the next 10 to 15 wells they intend to drill there. Lex