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  • ht0629 Jul 1, 2014 11:49 AM Flag


    I posted a comment on MF about today MHR article. So far my comment has not been published and it does not contain foul language or anything that should be censored, it just point out that MF is in the same camp as BB and they both post half truths and spin to fit their agenda IMO. At least BB allows for opposing view points.... I am still waiting to see if MF finally publishes my comments. If not you can judge for yourself what that means.

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    • HT:

      I read DiLallo's regurgitation of the Bloomberg piece and I too tried to post a comment, but to no avail. I cant believe that Bloomberg and MF question the debt level of MHR without making specific mention of the fact that if MHR simply monetizes the pipeline, $600m to $700m of the debt can be paid off in one stroke. THAT is the most important factor in explaining why the current debt level is not too high considering ebitda levels. For the so-called "pros" not to comment on this giant factor shows how little credibility they have. At least DiLallo referenced the presentation slides with asset values that contains a one line reference to the pipeline....

      The bottom line (IMO) is that KOG can become a Utica-Marcellus pure-play company with NO debt whenever it wants by selling the pipeline and Williston assets. GLTALs Lex