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  • jms54 jms54 Jul 17, 2014 8:35 PM Flag

    10K amended

    This probably didn't change from the original, but this is my major concern about GE. In the December presentation it said production at year end would be 22.5K. Here is from the 10K

    Our daily production volumes at December 31, 2013 were approximately 12,210 Boe/d.
    Our daily production volumes at February 20, 2014 were approximately 16,142 Boe/d.

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    • Be prepared for a surprise later this year. I'm hoping it happens in the next quarter. One industry insider has commented the company will see dramatice increases this year. I'm hoping he's correct but regardless the production rates will increase dramatically this year or early next year.

    • Wow. You really are short. Keeping looking for negatives. Keep those posts coming our way. We'll take them very seriously.

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      • Not short, very long, probably longer than you are. I am not looking for negatives, but information. This is the first time I had seen the actual year end production numbers as they were never discussed in conference calls. I was amazed at how low the number was. Do you not find it amazing that we missed our estimates by 50 percent and still in December were talking about hitting them. Do you have any intelligent comments besides name calling about these numbers? Do you think our year end 2014 numbers are realistic when we have so many wells coming on line on 12/31 yet all the other recent wells have been late by 45 days. How about some dialogue instead of name calling. Look back on all my posts, and there are many, over the past 3 years and tell me if you really think I am short.

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