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  • captains555 captains555 Dec 4, 2008 3:03 PM Flag

    Total Abandonment

    Not much question in my mind that CLWR is not much about any investors other than McCaw insiders INTEL Motorolla..GOOG.. etc i.e. the big guys. The float is so darn low that this might well fall below $3.00 as I suspect that this deal was always structured in a way that allows the shorters easy pickings of the early investors. I think the smart move is keep buying in. I am betting all those big guy controllers of CLWR will know where exactly where the bottom is and will buy then. The rest of us dirtbags will just have to eat these huge losses and fear for our retirements while all those others hold all the cards in this deal. Heck I suspect they will probably all be granting $5.00 options by the bucketloads when this gets to $3 or $2. My personal learning curve on this one, is I do not ever want to get into a company 95% controlled by insiders who have the ability to isolate themselves from substantial losses. Until then I will have to suck it up like the rest of the dirtbags who bought in and average losses down..for the upteenth time. And to sell the rallys keeping a close watch on the date and times of future conference calls that seem to profess rosy skies ahead for Clearwire. I wont even get into how many little guys got crushed following believing in this investment. Only my opinion, but I suspect I am not alone..maybe I am.