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  • captains555 captains555 Dec 4, 2008 4:00 PM Flag

    Look at executive salary and options!

    Stock has pretty much done nothing but go steadily down. Its time to look at more closely at salary and granted options of executives. There is a fiduciary responsibility due shareholders here. I believe CLWR has 3 billion cash now and I think that is out best and probably our only advantage here. Ugly ugly ugly

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    • Why don't you go back to the Sprint board where you belong. Or were you put on "ignore" too many times?

    • The stunning thing is not that they paid so much, but that all they got for it was a 30-something lawyer who never had an executive job before as their CEO! Time for amateur-hour to be over and bring in the A-team. McCaw did what McCaw does best: Buy a lot of spectrum, leverage his name, and hype the thing. He's a great entrepreneur and he gave this place a good jump out of the gate, but now that they've reached the execution stage, it's time for adult swim: Bring in some professional management.