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  • wise4us wise4us Jul 1, 2009 11:12 AM Flag

    Mega doesn't understand - Clearwire is Expanding

    It must be hard for Mega, Sanddollar. Merlot and the whole group of names he uses to see Clearwire expanding into new areas. Looks like Dallas and Seattle are next. Poor Mega. All he can do now is provide weak posts claiming Wimax doesn't work, or Comcast no longer has any use for "Clear" servuce.

    Bottom line, Clearwire in now on the East Coast, the South, the mid-West (Dallas) and West Coast. That must really upset Mega, since the last three years all he has done is bash wimax and its wonderful service.

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    • Clearwire is also going after mid-range cities, which is a smart move. Just think of the marketing potential and customer base when Clearwire adds cities between 100,000 to 400,000 population.

    • Like the PC, laptops, Ethernet, Network-Server, Internet, Cloud 4G/ICT (sic computing), it is not the hardware or network it is what is done with it that is compelling of new business. Clearwire own rights to spectrum and the physical network but those 'just' amount to being the tools for developers and users to build things, conduct business, form relationships... to use it. CW's job is to roll out the network and get it used in creative ways.

      Industry analysts look at both the finite details and the broad trends and weigh those against theories for new technologies and business models and what has and is going on elsewhere. About 13 years ago this analysis started to show the merits of what has become WiMAX. Decades before that when the PC was in its infancy there was a vision for 'digital everywhere' including wireless broadband. I wrote a paper on universal communications while in the BSEE program.. very naive because it has taken so long and I had little clue about the details of technology but the underlying rationale has always held up. The network-server, Ethernet, Internet... none of that existed. Only the miraculous but by today's standards feeble M6502, i8080 and similar uPs.

      Some of the nature of the beast is the unknown. Investors should never trust the 'story' to a degree they go far out on a limb. Verification of the execution is fundamental. Heck, the USA has turned into a loony bin of idiots... too derivative of fundamental business principles that we have let out country become economically distorted.

      Nobody should buy into the 'story' if management cannot execute or the business plan is inflexible or otherwise does not prove out. American business often is more about blown out costs, middle management loading of payrolls. Upper management paid for larcenous pumping of the short-term stock price. I think investors and management are both far too lenient and corrupted by the fat times. But that's another story.