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  • shookphotos shookphotos Jul 20, 2011 9:13 AM Flag

    Continuing bad service!????????????

    Since July 13, my CLWR service has continually dropped - the problem being a DNS error or IP problem on CLWR's end according to a helpful CLWR level 2 technician. I had the technician read the other tickets that they had on my tower (they had many). One of the tickets indicated that the "tower is garbage." After he said this, I could tell that he knew he shouldn't have stated that to me. Remember, these tickets are prepared by the technicians. My local CLWR reseller told me on Monday that he was surprised I could even get service since many subscribers in the area could not connect to the tower.

    Six weeks ago, the tower was completely out for a day.

    I've been a CLWR customer for nearly six years, as well as an owner of the stock during this period. In my opinion, CLWR is going to the bondholders within a year. It's time to switch to an alternative provider in my area who has RELIABLE service that operates as advertised.