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  • mbablitz mbablitz Aug 1, 2011 11:16 AM Flag

    CLWR will surprise to the up side at ER...

    ... Spok, this writer has read your posts...

    I think it was a slip on Sprint (NYSE:S) CEO Dan Hesse's part last week during the company's second-quarter results call when, in response to a question, he let it slip that the company added 1.7 million WiMAX subscribers during the quarter.

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    • 'Business is war'

      "The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise that is attributed to Sun Tzu"

      This should become required reading in the MBA program... maybe if our politicians and public had this in school we would not have emotionally plunged into so many elective, unpaid, foreign wars.

      read it.. it enlightens.

    • ... right down to Cox Cable pitching their wireless efforts to buy everything wholesale from others.

      The more capital intensive something is and the more there is redundant overlap of what that capital intensiveness provides, the more rationale there is for pooling resources...

      ... or creating monopolies.


    • This is strictly a Gamble for me. Bought today at 2.20 with some expectation of a move up with good earnings. On the other hand the Key fundamentals don't look good. Not even a good forward PE projection. Tomorrow should be interesting but I am holding a very tight stop on this.

    • ... the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

    • Facilities sharing can be implemented at virtually every level of the network including, towers, back-haul, back-office functions and customer care if necessary. These are relatively easy to do because a carrier can back-fill any of these functions if they desire.

      This is exactly what LS2 is doing with Sprint and bringing $9B to pay for it. It's BYOS Bring Your Own Spectrum.

    • ... the "davids" these days, blitz. This is no time for static thinking.

      Who's to say L2's spectrum wouldn't be great for kick-@ss backhaul that, combined with Harbinger's dough and sprint's nextel spectrum, couldn't be combined with CLWR's assets to rip VZ a new one in 2013?

      Long shot? Sure... but I'm sure it's been talked about somewhere in the midst of all the meetings the davids are having.

      I'd much rather see a grand partnership than to see further CLWR equity dilution... CLWR's assets give them WAY more to offer potential partnerships than their stock price could ever give the company in the way of contributed captial.


    • Your not listening: the smaller facilities based carriers are running along on a model that is exhausted and shifting. There is very little spectrum left for their next gen network and the market has continued to ratchet up what it takes to compete: hot devices, broader coverage, more depth of broadband. The pace of these changes is occurring more rapidly than prior shifts.. exasperating the problem of recouping investments in prior networks and devices... the MetroPCs reported a 3.9% churn rate... about 25% higher, attributing it to the new services and devices of competitors.

      No, they have not wanted to pursue the wholesale model.. except that they have with LightSquared... on a contingency basis. They just haven't wanted to do so with Sprint-Clearwire. Sprint has done a potential end-around of that by doing a facilities build arrangement for LS.

      Facilities sharing is common on an incremental level: co-location of base stations, back-haul, and some services. That is growing more common and may accelerate with new FCC rule structure.

      What remains different about Clearwire is that they are among the first operators in the world to deploy mobile adjunct network in 2.5-2.7GHz spectrum. Operators around the world are doing more facilities sharing.. it is an accelerating trend.

      Small US operators are maybe as dumb as you say, but I suggest they are business people nonetheless. When faced with the decision to take take advantage of wholesale in spectrum that has become internationally adopted, if they can't get ownership of the licenses they will be inclined to do what keeps them in business.

    • ... it was so gol-darned off the WALL!

      The only thing true about your first paragraph is VZ and AT&T... one look at MetroPCS and Leap in today's market tells you where the rest of that argument is going.

      And what's this "several years" thing you're saying in paragraph 2... you're still applying the CLWR of 2008 to the CLWR of today... CLWR had fewer than 700k subs on 1/1/2010 VS 8 million today and a third the POPS they have today...

      ... and 1/1/2010 was barely half way back in time to the "several years ago" that you're referring to.

      Correcting your garbage is such a time sink... pack up your bong and go back on vacation, would you?


    • LS2 could use CLWR spectrum to solve some of their problems. These guys are synergistic rather than mutually exclusive...

    • ... and yes, oil companies spread their risk around by taking percentage ownership in deepwater drills... especially wildcat drills.

      Re: sharing VS spectrum ownership... ditz was applying static VZ and AT&T thinking to a bunch of "davids" who are demonstrating exactly what you say they're demonstrating... pooling resources and money any way they can to hoist up competitive solutions that will generate critical mass.

      Right now, the stock is priced as though any success L2 has is going to work completely against CLWR...

      ... even though any capital contribution L2 makes to N. Vision will help CLWR via agnostic sprint base-stations. Sprint owns 54% of CLWR and depends on them for 8 million 4G subscribers... there's no way they're going to ink something with L2 that would lock CLWR out of access to any upgraded sprint base stations.

      Do you suppose anyone on this board would vernture to say that a combined partnership of Sprint/CLWR/L2 hasn't been brought up behind Hesse's closed executive office door?...

      ... CLWR could use harbinger's money as much as L2 could use CLWR's 2010-vintage towers.


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