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  • mbablitz mbablitz Aug 2, 2011 3:19 PM Flag

    Another 1.7 million... CLWR fear overblown?

    Lost in Sprint’s disappointing second quarter results and their announced deal with LightSquared Inc. was the announcement from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse that the company had added 1.7 million WiMAX subscribers during the most recent three-month period. Compared to the 1.2 million subscriptions added by competitor Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ), which is utilizing LTE technology for their 4G efforts, it’s evident that Sprint is still finding some success with WiMAX and won’t simply drop CLWR. It should also be remembered that Sprint owns 54% of CLWR, giving them strong reason to keep close ties.

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    • Great Infos.Thanks

    • I would hold off a bit longer on the banks... Ben is coming out with his plan in Sept. I would wait at least until then. There's no rush.

      When all the numbers get revised to reflect what really happened, they will show we went into another recession. All the numbers lag.

      That said, I think we're on our way out unless we get talked into it via poor consumer confidence. A few of the reasons I think we're on the way out of recession are because of Vegas' numbers improving, Disney improving and BMW sales in the US are all up. That's all discretionary spending on vacations, gambling and luxury cars... money people don't "need" to spend.

      Again, the economic numbers lag... the economic numbers the gov publishes over the last few Qtr's were manipulated and distorted to show no recession when there actually was one... the revised numbers will show it.

      The good news is... The US is slowly coming out of the malaise.

    • I got BAC at $7.19 and then again at $6.85. I unloaded at $8.19. Banks are exposed to euro banks/bonds. I didn't want to stay and risk my healthy return. Plus I decided to get some more CLWR and some Sprint.

    • I remember you getting ct round 2 30. 2 45. Think it will hit 10 and then unload?

    • I bought my initial shares of LVS for around $20 around the time of the "08 meltdown so yeah... it was a good six months for me waiting thru the emergency IPO and sites 5&6 shutdown on the way to a $1.38 share price for that stock.

      Even after backing up the truck for huge blocks in March as Adelson bought for his family trusts, it's been a long hold for almost 2.5 years and I still don't think LVS will be ready for serious harvest until the later half of next year or so.

      CLWR could be acquired this quarter or it could fight over wholesale with sprint right into 2013, who knows. CT is pure cyclical and moves a lot with banks but with way more sensitivity to commercial R.E.

      CT may be the tougher call for a sell point since I don't expect the economy to recover at normal speed to a solid state of health so the sell point may not have the euphoria associated with it that I like to see...

      ... perhaps just a sufficient degree of health and a better alternative for the money knocking on my door somewhere else.

      D@mn Buffett did his BAC thing just as I was rolling up my sleave to buy a healthy traunche. I still like BAC if I can get it in the $7-8 range... except for the mortgage cloud, they're firing on all cylinders with all their businesses.... just not strongly because of the sluggish economy.


    • Meant as a tip of the hat. Im still in on clwr and ct. Hard being patient though am able to wait.

    • ... means you have to have brass balls...

      ... and I would concur. If the investment is "comfortable", it's probably the wrong investment.


    • .....

    • Once again you can't defend your distortions and facts prevail. As it should. But you should realize you'll never control this board. Not now, not ever!


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