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  • llong54 Nov 17, 2011 11:26 PM Flag

    Why Clearwire is valuable

    Microsoft should/needs to get in the game, It seems they just can't conquer mobile like the desktop and with Google building its own high speed fiber networks(Kansas going hot @ 1gig), content (Google TV), and operating system (android/chrome), and even its own hardware (bought Motorola division)
    (other strong competitors' are aggressively pursuing same strategies')
    Microsoft's Windows defacto cash machine is at risk, it must become the dominate phone platform or else Microsoft will lose not just its computer toll road keeper status--but also Microsoft's point of sale control revenues/synergy. (sure they've been strategically engaged, but the boots on the ground part has struggled to get traction).
    ( used to be no windows operating system = no market for vender-- now apps can be/are operating system independent)
    Microsoft buying Cleawire (CLWR) / Sprint (s) would be a game changer for all, and would give turnkey evolution dynamics without time/trial error sunk costs.
    Microsoft gets a new turnkey super highway for a fraction of the home grown highway cost and--removes uncertainty from CLWR/S etc-all parties via deep pockets and market synergy.

    Microsoft buying CLWR/S would be quantum leap forward for all parties not just Microsoft and secures scarce resource/asset from competitors' exploitation imho

    much more to it but good start
    best L

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