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  • nhji87 nhji87 Feb 24, 2012 8:39 AM Flag



    Google selling their 26 million CLWR shares for $1.60 each. They must know something. They could have sold them in open market for much more.

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    • Not really - there are all kinds of "change of control clauses" at play here if this is in fact coming together. Google is a bit sharper than both CLWR or Sprint - based upon the obvious differences of the success level of Google vs both S or CLWR.

      If Sprint has control of CLWR spectrum then sprint has full control of the largest amount of available spectrum in the USA.

      What the value of Sprint having this is is anyones guess - but I doubt Google is giving Sprint these shares at such a price without some very unique benefits and one would be to get Sprint to get out of that iphone purchase agreement.......