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  • fullboatah fullboatah Aug 27, 2012 12:06 PM Flag

    I do not know how CLWR's BOD allows this stock to be so manipulated!

    Hit pieces,'s freaking endless. It would be advisable for the PR department to step up and issue updates so the unethical and souless MMs can't steal investors monies walking this down AGAIN!

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    • The only way out of this manipulation is EXECUTION. The management of clwr has to execute flawlessly from here on to bury the manipulators, RBC, and the shorties. Rememeber they started this manipulation themselves by trying to sell shares at pittance. I though that was the stupidest thing any CEO would do and luckily for us longs they admitted to their flaws and stopped it quick. Let us see how they progress with their TD-LTE build-out and how they improve their relationship with Sprint. These two are critical. They need the TD_LTE buildout to get more wholesale customers and they need sprint to keep money coming in for cash flow. IMO!!!

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    • I got a 100k buy order in at 10c just in case something funny happens, never seen a stock this much manipulated something real good will come of it or real bad,that's why they are doing it.