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  • ddsandhu3 ddsandhu3 Nov 1, 2012 12:50 PM Flag

    Finally someone is representing shareholders!!

    Its about time that someone is standing up for shareholder rights and addressing S wrong doings in making public statements that fart without passing any gas.

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    • The problem is clwr will not even standup for it's shareholders.
      That's why they did a CM filing & have not said a word to shareholder's since march other than CC.

    • This angry shareholder is espousing basically the same beefs I have had with Cluelesswire all along- allowing Sprint to get Coldwire's assets at a discount to the market...and Queerwire's inept management group laying down playing possum to this takeover of its board/ company. This shareholder complains on the same merits as I......and CLWR stock rally's 8%!!!!!! What a validation to my CLWR assessments, if these ever was one.

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    • nice to have that

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    • *starts a slow Rudy clap*.....

    • In the CLWR’s SEC filing it is stated that Sprint has the right to participate when there are more than two participants in a CLWR's assets auction. Sprint has the legal right so good luck with that!

    • Great job.....

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