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  • basvms basvms Dec 14, 2012 12:18 PM Flag

    "Obviously a ploy"

    1. first they offer 2.90

    2. Then lets cap it at 2.97 and match what we paid the other guy, deal or no deal?

    3. A whole 7 cents? are you sure? why not offer the 2.97 in the first place, best and final offer........

    4. do you ever go in and buy a car and say yea ill pay full price for that baby?

    5. Sprint will lose big on both ends of the spectrum lol if this deal falls through.

    6. Fact: Softbank has been after Clear from day one and wants in on the us market period.. (Its Like shop lifting the puddy)

    7. I call bull s$$$$t wait them out whats another month or two for clear

    8. Mount K is right the spectrum is worth twice the offer

    9. 5.75 a share, done deal nice doing business with u.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • double bump

    • Obviously a ploy? Tell that to the Yahoo folks who turned down a generous offer by MSFT and ended up with NOTHING!

      Here is how this drama is going to play out:

      1. the Partner agrees on Clearwire acquisition by Sprint with the $2.90 price tag for everyone (but Partner gets $3.00)

      2. Sprint will own 64% of Clearwire

      3. Sprint’s offer gets rejected by the CLWR other common shareholders.

      4. Sprint rescinds its public offer (just like MSFT did)

      5. CLWR share price sink to below $2.00 with a blessing from Jonathan A.

      6. shorts take it down further to $1.50 .. to $1.30 .. to ..

      7. Sprint acquires Clearwire’s debt due to implicit cross-liability of 64% ownership

      8. Clearwire must now make regular payments to Sprint otherwise loses its spectrum

      9. Sprint doubles its LTE, thanks to Dish vacating the 1995 MHz zone

      10 Dish partnering with Sprint on LTE

      11. Sprint targeting LEAP after its acquisition of US Cellular's spectrum and scale

      12. Sprint pulls out of Clearwire (no more funding) now that Sprint has enough spectrum.

      13. Clearwire goes bankrupt with public shareholders gets $0

      14. Sprint now owns Clearwire spectrum and ready for prosperity

      15. Mr. Son is very happy and grateful for Mr. Hesse's impeccable performance

      16. Hesse is now appointed as the Executive VP of Son's Empire

    • Sprint can either pay now or pay later. They ain't fooling nobody!