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  • petefoste petefoste Dec 15, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    Where are BofD at Clearwire at with their discussions regarding buyout?

    Should we not have heard from them yet? I expect there should be word from them come Monday morning otherwise I think they are reveling in the fact that shareholders are drving the pps ever higher. The moment the upward momentum reverses, is when they will come out of hiding.

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    • The only reasons they havent is because they are either entertaining other bids or looking at other options to further drive up the share price. I would expect to hear something by premarket Monday.

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      • 1 Reply to cooler_heads02
      • Anything less than what they themselves have said about their own spectrum value in public presentations will send them straight to the slammer. It is better to reject such junk offers or to have no offers until the time is right or to sell some spectrum in the meanwhile. Son rushes in with an empty ice cream cone and wants to have free unlimited ice cream in it for life for 2.90. Because of #$%$ like mc... all this hullabulu and a storm in a teacup with japanese sake has erupted. As I've said before all this make whole clause was a red herring to steal the spectrum and get made whole with a few pennies - with the rest of the kickbacks being wired abroad in order to evade taxes, imo.

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