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  • foxhunt_55 foxhunt_55 Dec 16, 2012 7:07 PM Flag

    Hold your shares folks we are going for a ride.

    Spectrum Spectrum Spectrum....That is what it's all about. Could care less about debt and profits, you either have it or you don't. And if you don't have it, then you are limited to what you can offer. The more you have the more you can under bid your competitor into the ground. It's that simple. All this #$%$ about CLWR ability to generate a profit or that they have not started the build out and will run out of cash in less than a year and are only worth less than three bucks, give me a break. Anyone that has a real business in this space needs Spectrum and that is what this is about. How much is this spectrum worth keeping when 2015 rolls around and all these little data hungry devices are all over the place. ATT put up $39 Million to grab T-Mobile, not just for their retail business but for spectrum to keep them fat and happy for a while but it did not work out. Sprint will run out if they do not capture all of CLWR. Hesse has said in public, they can keep offering unlimited plans past 2015 as long as they have CLWR. Hello, get it. CLWR is the key for many even if their POS frequency does not work as well as the other but that will be overcomed with the technology that is being used in Japan today and will permeate the U.S. soon. Get it. Hold your shares till the fat lady sings.

    By the way, now you see why LightSquare and Bozo the clown was so eager to keep that alive and put most GPS systems at risk, because of the demand they saw in the next few years. He would have been filthy rich if the FCC would have allowed him. And he still has not given up on the idea because there is enough for everyone that has spectrum to offer in the next few years.

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