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  • indano indano Dec 27, 2012 9:23 AM Flag

    TD-LTE SC-FDMA Uplink = 2X Range Extension

    Single Carrier Frequency Division Mulitple Access lowers the Peak-to-Average Ratio of the transmitted signal thus allowing the Average Power of Uplink transmissions to be increased without degrading battery life and thus extending the handset range to twice the WiMax range. YES TWICE!
    Swithing to TD-LTE will double the coverage range of a Clearwire cell site and improve signal penetration be 2X.

    We are being sandbagged by Clearwire and Sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time to flip the switch on those linecard upgrades and show the public and retail shareholders what the network can really do! The uplink habdshake is the limiting factor on range and penetration. SC-FDMA addresses that!

    DISH and SB know it.

    We're sitting on a Gold Mine.

    Stop the sandbagging Clearwire - lightup the TD-LTE Network!!!!!

    SC-FDMA (single carrier) allows MIMO and Beamforming. Two technologies that also support higher data rates and range extension.

    Stop the sandbagging Clearwire - lightup the TD-LTE Network!!!!!

    VOTE NO on a $2.97 buyout out. $8+ is what CLWR is worth.

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    • This is a very important post.
      A simple line-card change and many CLWR sites are TD-LTE up-and-running.
      Don't let Sprint steal CLWR from us!
      $8+ ( $2.97 + 1 S share) minimum!!!

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      • You are on the right track, but the eNodeB conversion, though just a line card as noted, requires a new Core network, called EPC, for LTE. That is non trivial, but very doable for CLWR, with or without S/SB.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • The only one that can save the day are the hedge funds if they truly understand what's at stake here and are willing to risk more resources on their position. The average John Doe sold or will sell at the first spike or dip from these levels. They could care less cause they flip stocks like burgers. Why haven't the other carriers stepped in with counter offers is beyond me unless they are waiting to the very end to make a move. In other words, can they make an offer if the vote turns out yes? I can't believe that the other carriers are so sure of their spectrum availability in the near future and allow SB/S controll most of the airwaves with the fastest speeds. They must be over dosing on Tylenol or something. All we can do is wait for the outcome in the meantime i am showing a positive return, will wait and will be voting my shares no.

    • Change the BTS line card and range and penetration DOUBLES!!!
      Sprint and Clearwire are sandbagging.
      Upgrade the frik'n line card and let us see what TD-LTE really does.
      FRAUD??? Sure look'n like it!
      Vote NO on $2.97. $8+ is what we should receive!!

    • SC-FDMA is the form of OFDMA that is used in the LTE (whether its FDD or TDD) uplink. That has been the case in the 'pre true 4G' early LTE networks. Under certain circumstances it can increase the range because often the limitation on range is in the uplink rather than the downlink. That's because the itsy-bitsy antennas and low power application of battery operated devices is a bottleneck. So freaken' #$%$ does that have to do with Clearwire's predicament now? That was news about five years ago when 3GPP first put that into the standards and was among the reasons to shift to LTE vs. WiMAX. However, the most important reasons to shift to LTE were commercial rather than technical. Money and Power. Or Money is Power. Or whatever you laggard kiddies need to have it explained to you so that you grok it.

      This is nice techno-mumbo-jumbo... technology only matters if you have the market share, capital, a not-brain-dead wired for failure plan, the timing for competitive market windows to do something with it. Technology in Clearwire's hands is dead. Brain-dead is dead.