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  • investorsec8 investorsec8 Jan 17, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    DISH goes hostile at $3.30 and gets 10 to 15 percent

    Clearwire has not rushed in to burn more cash to build out an LTE network. It does not have to. Sprint needs an LTE network to compete with Verizon and AT&T. Clearwire continues to increase it's revenue each quarter without LTE. Clearwire can build an LTE network slowly. The problem with being tied to Sprint is that Sprint is preventing Clearwire from obtaining the greatest value for Clearwire shareholders outside of Sprint. Clearwire really needs an outsider that buys convertible securities from It. That way the new investor and the minority shareholders can gain the majority vote and boot all Sprint patsies out of high level positions. Ergen would like more spectrum as it's the gold of the industry. Most important is that without Sprint dictating Clearwire can continue to be a wholesaler, continue service via Clear to it's own customers and sell chunks of spectrum along the way. Each sale brings more cash to pay off debt and build some LTE one city at a time as cash permits. By the time it is running there will be plenty of LTE TDD handsets on the market given the demand for them world wide. Sprint can be just another wholesale customer. Under that scenario AT&T can buy spectrum from Clearwire and Sprint is screwed. That's because Son most likely will walk with his billions, Sprint will be deep in debt and AT&T won't have Sprint as a serious competitor.

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