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  • cabinmode cabinmode Jan 11, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    Dish is going to work with

    SB after Ergen takes down S through CLWR

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    • Who do you direct your comments? Most people who have spent time following the wireless industry, from small investors, institutional investors, investment and industry analysts and people who work in the wireless industry have no such illusions of grandeur of DISH's role. I think a lot of folks are laughing at many comments on this board... "boy, you sure are right, a sucker must be borne every minute because there are lots of them that show up here every minute or so."

      DISH does have a significant opportunity to meet the rising tide of competition to hold onto and even grow their business. However, analyst's opinions vary between DISH facing armageddon scenario within a few years in which satellite service become nearly obsolete and their efforts to compete at a mobile-fixed hybrid service fail to attain the growth in the new service needed.. resulting in business collapse. The rosier scenario considers DISH spending 2-3 years build the new network then competing in an uphill battle over the next 5+ years to capture 2-3 times current marketshare, or about 30 million subscribers and similar gains in revenue. That would put them in the ranks of small mobile broadband operators. Another possibility is that the company is acquired over the next few years. If that is/becomes Ergen's intent, he naturally would be posturing to fetch a prime value for the sale of the company.

      DISH has zero chance of acquiring Sprint and is an inferior little puck compared to Softbank.

    • DISH has a significant potential to bridge from satellite into a new market for broadband everywhere... their markeshare is significant but not on par with leaders in the mobile industry, the conversion of satellite subs to the new global product mix is uncertain and growth of that business to recoup the large up-front capex investment is going to be an uphill battle. Compared to Sprint, for all its faults, DISH is no match.

      The idea that Softbank will dump Sprint for DISH is farcical.