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  • stargator55 stargator55 Jan 14, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    If ATT and or DTV go after DISH AWS Spectrum

    As shown in multiple articles - well I would think Dish would have 5-6 billion more to taunt Sprint with ........they would have an even larger war chest to mess with Dan and SB with and could play with them with a $6,7,+ offer for CLWR..........all kinds of hocus pocus..........Sprint doesn't have 10 billion to go after CLWR with, nor does SB. I bet those SB Japanese Bank financing deal details require SB and Sprint to have 100% control of CLWR Spectrum/ASSETS......if not deal will not close?

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    • SB/S could raise the price offer if Son took a lower controlling interest in sprint say 51% or more .

      Son might just have to do that or even a lower percentage if the FCC or Gov. rejects above the 25% ownership. Son already gave sprint the cash it would have to spend for the 25% under Law but looking for a lager slice.

      Going to be real interesting may just be Sprint gets Two or Three major investors all owning a slice of the Pie. Sprint has to take some option to stay a float