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  • apierce apierce Jan 20, 2013 9:58 PM Flag

    The silence is deafening

    Pure speculation here but I guess its justified as I've been working pretty accurate bin the past. There clearly are discussions going on between Dish, S, CLWR and SB. There is no way CLWR would remain silent for so long if not the case. The issue is going to be how much Dish can extract from S to go away. One question is whether dish will require full ownership of a block of spectrum or whether they will allow for a partnership. Another bigger possibility is whether dish and dtv and sb are possibly getting together a bigger bid for S that would leave Ergan and Son in total control of a combined company to compete hard with the cable companies and their telco partners.

    Will be interesting

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    • Wisper, Wisper...Talk of a REVERSE SPLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • A very murky picture at the moment. But I'm seeing it differently now, becasue I thought DISH really had no business with spectrum other than to get what they bought approved for telecom use, squat on it, sell when its worth a bundle.

      But now I think there is a bigger chess game afoot...

      DISH knows that its future lay in providing WBB for its content. DTV knows this too. DISH has made a move. DTV, out of the blue - in July 2012, it petitioned to compel Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks to get out of Clearwire as a condition of their sale of the AWS spectrum to Verizon. Stating:

      "Allowing these MSOs to continue to hold minority ownership and management interests in Clearwire despite their new arrangement with Verizon Wireless would enable them to hamper further development of Clearwire's competing network and services, both by impeding new initiatives and by refusing to make additional investments,"

      And then, nothing...

      So what have the CableCo's done? They all sell to S. For a song... No argument, no holding out for a higher price for their own shareholders, just folding it all up, and handling it all over...

      So just wait and see, coz DISH and DTV NEED, not WANT, NEED that spectrum for their future business survival. The question is, can they get it now, on the cheap, or a sufficient / significant portion of it to see them through, or will they be forced to watch S swallow it all for a song, and then come begging to do a deal with S for access to it at a huge premuim???

      The CableCo's are shafting the satellite guys by selling their holdings (and they hope, control of CLWR) to S. They KNOW S / SB won't let them have it at all, or at least not nearly as cheap #$%$ / SB are proposing to take CLWR out at at this price. Whats the Quid pro Quo??

      Thats whats really going on here. Will DTV join DISH to bid? Will DTV launch an alternative bid? Will / is AT&T backing DISH, so that once some deal with CLWR spectrum is done, they then swallow DISH?? Coz they sure wouldn't get approval to take out CLWR at present, and they have stated two weeks ago that they need spectrum, of the data kind. Very interesting times because its now time for these big guys to #$%$ or get off the pot... Son gets it, and it seems to have dawned on Ergen too. I think Hesse's too dim, but Son filled him in...

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