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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jan 24, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Stellar Results at NetFlix... Apple TV is On Deck

    What all this means is that another exponential leap in wireless spectrum demand is imminent.

    Softbank's Mr. Son and Dish both know who is going to control the delivery of all that content... whoever has Clearwire's massive spectrum, that's who! 2.5 ghz is the emerging world standard for "wireless data" and video is the planet's biggest data hog.

    Clearwire's minority shareholders are starting to see these stars lining up as well. Any of them that DOESN'T see that and thinks any bid for clearwire under $4 is reasonable needs to have their head examined. Clearwire's spectrum is the "precious resource" equivalent of owning property that contains 70 billion barrels of light, sweet crude oil under it... I don't care how much debt that property owner has or how much cash they have to rent drilling rigs, there isn't an oil service company on the planet that isn't going to want to help them extract it if it's "feasible" to do so... and high-definition TV has "feasibility" written all over it when it comes to a big cache of spectrum like Clearwire's.

    As long as 51% of clearwire's minority shareholders are unwilling to tender their shares, then this whole buyout thing is a "stalemate"... and a stalemate leaves the clock ticking while Netflix booms and Apple rushes to sop up the airwaves with it's upcoming video offering...

    ... in fact, my service provider just launched "DirecTV Everywhere"... which is essentially a wireless TV offering that's ramping up fast. I enjoyed my first, 0.5 gig movie the other day in the parking lot of my favorite ski hill!


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    • Wow ...... that's.....

      ....great .... .......

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    • Tell that to hesse & clwr management they think it's worth 2.97 & think they are going to get it at that price.

      Sec filing shows insiders will get 2.97 for their shares funny bet they are selling them right now.

      • 1 Reply to loboosh
      • The most vocal minority shareholders are against this and filing lawsuits and FCC letters like crazy.

        Sprint's minority shareholding "buddies", Intel, Comcast and Brighthouse havn't said a word about Sprint's ridiculous offer since the Dish bid was put out there... and Crest has a motion outstanding to "recuse" one or all of those holders due to their "quasi-control" status as shareholders.

        That is particularly true of Intel, which sells chips to Sprint and it's surrogates that constitute revenues that are many, many times the $dollar magnitude than any bump in the Clearwire buyout price would ever be to them. That makes Intel completely in-capable of making an objective decision on their shares... they are naked and in bed with Sprint with no condom on... they are a "control" investor.

        Like Crest, I talk to a lot of minority shareholders. Unlike Crest, they are not large clearwire investors but rather own positions in the 10,000 to 150,000 share range... they care immensely, but they are not influential vote-wise.

        But they DO have opinions and they DON'T like sprint or sprint's offer. From my research, I can say that the thousands of little guys out there are NOT supporting Sprint's ridiculous offer. For now, it's a stalemate irregardless of what Sprint's propaganda people are saying in the media.