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  • indano indano Feb 2, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    Sprint Wouldn't Sell for $5/sh Why Should You??

    If tomorrow, Sprint were offered $5 per share for their 700 million shares - THEY WOULD NOT SELL!
    Why? Because CLWR is worth FAR MORE than $3.5B to Sprint.
    That's right - FAR MORE than $3.5B!!!
    Sprint has NO NETWORK VISION without CLWR.
    Let's up the ante and assume Sprint received $5B to walk - what would they do with $5B? Build their Nationwide LTE Network? HARDLY - they don't have the spectrum!!!!
    The ONLY deal that works for Sprint is an Angel partner - like GOOGLE+DISH.
    Sprint MUST HAVE CLWR Spectrum and a CASH infusion to succeed!!!!
    Therfore ... $8+ NO LESS for you and me!!!!
    Better yet, Google buys Sprint for $9/sh does 1:1 CLWR and builds the Nationwide Agnostic Mobile Super Pipe. Wholesales to all Aggregating Carriers. Reaps $5/mo from each subscriber and sprays their content (plus DISH content) EVERYWHERE.
    Sprint will NOT be allowed to steal CLWR spectrum.
    Sprint will FAIL without CLWR + a partner!

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    • That's what dish should of done 5 buck's for all shares N called sprints bluff.

    • You do realize that Sprint can go along with Dish alone (without Clearwire). Dish is very eager to team up with Sprint because Dish desperately needs a national carrier that they're even willingly to use leverage against Sprint into accepting Dish as a partner.

      I suspect if SB and Sprint’s deal collapses or fails to acquire Clearwire there will be a shotgun marriage between Sprint and Dish (40 MHz). Sprint and Dish will share their combined spectrum (about 100 Mhz) while Sprint as the sole network operator and Dish contributing perhaps $4B into the buildout pot.

      In other words, Clearwire is nice to have but not essential to Sprint’s Network Vision.

      Don't kid yourself!