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  • indano indano Feb 2, 2013 12:35 PM Flag

    Reality Check re: Spectrum

    NOTHING will be allowed to occur that will separate the lease spectrum from the owned spectrum.
    TOO VALUABLE to let go. What will happen is a "financier" (Google) will refinance the WHOLE debt package at a most favorable interest rate and generous share redemption in the event of failure (in other words they'll own CLWR if Sprint continues to stonewall).
    Google can easily be the SOLE note holder and an force Sprint to build or lose their 50% in a BK.
    The 160 MHz of spectrum is TOO valuable to break-up and DOJ & FCC WILL NOT allow SB to control.
    This is headed toward a consortium of owners wholesaleing to ALL.
    If Sprint plays nice they will receive favorable treatment.
    Goggle w/use DISH SAT for content and backhaul.
    $8+ NO LESS !!!

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