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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Feb 8, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Alaska Cost the U.S. About $101 Million in Today's Dollars

    Back in 1867, it was hard to know how many $trillions of dollars Alaska's resources and landmass would produce in the future. Who would have thought, back in those days, that the $7.2 million, which equals $101 million in today's dollars, would be the steal of the millenium.

    Fast forward to today, when AT&T is paying $3.77 per mhz POP for spectrum from Verizon, while Sprint's offer for Clearwire values Clearwire's spectrum at only 13 to 21 cents per Mhz POP.

    Only in Sprint's case, the "steal of the century" that it's trying to pull off with clearwire includes a MUCH better view of the future than the Alaska purchase did back in 1867. Back then, it was hard to see just how valuable Alaska actually WAS in future terms.

    In the case of Clearwire's spectrum, we can SEE how technology is transforming the value of 2.5 ghz spectrum right before our eyes... particularly with small-cell technology. We can SEE China Mobile putting up 20,000 cell towers with 2.5 ghz radios hanging off of them. We can SEE the value that Softbank's Mr. Son is placing on his own 2.5 ghz service ramp-up in Japan as he tries to steal Clearwire's spectrum with his ridiculous, $2.97 offer for clearwire stock.

    If Softbank's bid for clearwire actually gets consummated, then people will be looking back at it 15 years from now and comparing it to the deal that the United States got with the Alaska Purchase...

    ... the steal of the century, for sure.


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