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  • foxhunt_55 foxhunt_55 Feb 11, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Cash is King and Spectrum is Queen. See ATT article below, they are still in search of spectrum.

    "AT&T Inc. CEO Randall Stephenson won't predict whether Dish Network Corp. can become the nation's fifth major wireless broadband company.

    Speaking at a telecom conference in Boulder on Sunday, Stephenson sidestepped the question of whether Douglas County-based Dish (Nasdaq" DISH) could join AT&T (NYSE: T) and its biggest competitors in the wireless game.

    He also expressed surprise that Dish, founded by Charlie Ergen, made its December counter-bid to acquire Clearwire Corp. or buy some of its spectrum.

    "Charlie? I love Charlie," Stephenson said. "This is a guy who fired off his first satellite without insurance … who knows what Charlie will do?"

    There's been a lot of speculation that AT&T wants to buy Dish Network to acquire its broadband spectrum.

    Stephenson didn't say whether AT&T feels a need to acquire Ergen's spectrum. He did say the logic of AT&T's failed $39 billion bid to merge with T-Mobile USA was driven by the belief that Dallas-based AT&T would max the frequencies it owned in three years."

    Take it for what it's worth, but those who have cash and need spectrum will close the CLWR deal as soon as some of the unknowns are cleared up by the FCC. It is possible that Dish gets eliminated by ATT but there could be others that step in and take out what they can from CLWR at higher prices. Sprint and SB may be left with some left over after others step in to take what they can. Spectrum is queen at this time and I doubt the big players will let this walk away to other competitors without them taking the opportunity to get some.

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    • Cash flow is King.. and subscribers are what drive cash-flow in the mobile/ICT marketplace. less than 10 million subscrtibers, less than -.03% of US consumer after five yers? Is there any way in the world anyone not in an insane asylum can sugar coat that to look like a winning game plan? Get a brain cell working in your head. The Clearwire blasphemy is an insult to the intelligence of the investment community, shareholders, the kid with a 3rd grade education, the death row convict... its reeediiicuuulooous.. and shows that Clearwire management and BOD has moved on because they no longer have to even try to tell it how it is.

    • "Take it for what it's worth, but those who have cash and need spectrum will close the CLWR deal as soon as some of the unknowns are cleared up by the FCC." For what that statement is worth? Not much. You have not spelled out how DISH's conditional offer for 33c tad higher than Sprint's will close. What unknowns need to be cleared up by the FCC in order for the DISH or any other deal to move forward?

      The FCC is considering Softbank's acquisition of Sprint and subsequent roll-up of the remaining ~49% of Clearwire. The DISH and other protests are being considered in that context. What is not being considered as a issue for a direct ruling by the FCC is DISH's offer to acquire Clearwire. That would have to move forward as a separate consideration if the FCC rules against the Softbank acq. of Sprint. Thus far, DISH, Verizon, AT&T et al have not yet gained a concession from the FCC to delay the process or to fully reconsider transfer of all of Clearwire's spectrum into Sprint-SB. The first step would be for the FCC to determine that the spectrum should be broken up or otherwise not transferred in its entirety into the Starburst II transfer entity that will be rolled up as the New Sprint subsidiary of Softbank. The FCC will not make a decision in the current consideration whether DISH's acquisition of Clearwire is otherwise consummated. At this point, that has to be first determined by the Clearwire BOD.. to vacate/reject Sprint's offer and accept DISH's. Then the FCC might put it on the agenda as a new procedure.