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Clearwire Corporation (CLWRD) Message Board

  • vetfrc vetfrc Feb 22, 2013 10:30 AM Flag

    CLWR needs to make decision soon

    End of month must decide rather to take or turn down monthly draw (payday loan rates) plus agreement on network build out with Sprint. What to do ?

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    • when w e find out just what and how Goggles testing goes on Clear Wires Spectrum and if all goes good with Google we just might see another bidder at the table.

      Google did not sell their Clear Wire shares to Credit Susie cause they was hurting for money. I believe it was so there would be no conflict of interest if Google was to make a play in the future.

      Seems Clear wire spectrum as caught the eye of a number of companies as they also was in talks and not just with Sprint so set back and relax and enjoy the ride with the peace of mind knowing the less you will get is $2.97 a share unless the the Sprint and Soft banks deal don't get approved.

    • they should not sell for 3.30 they should look for better deal to finance their debt sell some spectrum get a new ceo and build out when they can afford it.....

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      • Clearwire's top management with the exception of the technology officer has not and is not working in the best interests of all Clearwire shareholders. They are subservient to Sprint. Sprint has also promised them that they would stay n their jobs with a Sprint takeover.

        It is very clear that spectrum could be sold in pieces. That is excess spectrum Clearwire does not need. Doing so would make Clearwire much less vulnerable to a vulture like Sprint. It also most probably would result in a higher stock price for Clearwire. The board at Clearwire and it's top executives should be investigated by the SEC.