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  • thewswiseguy thewswiseguy Mar 1, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Time Frame

    In December when the pps was around $3.30 i didn't sell, when Sprint increased the offer to $2.97 and the pps settled around $2.80 something I was #$%$ I didn't sell. Then the pps went back to $3.30 with the Dish offer so I sold some, about 20%. Then the price went to $3.40 and I was #$%$ I didn't hold longer, then the pps went below $3.30 and as low as $3.09 and I was #$%$ I didn't sell all my holdings at $3.30.
    Taking all this in to consideration and that I still am holding, I'm ready now to just hold till the end.
    We'll see what the reward will be in the end...