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  • car1os2l642000 car1os2l642000 Mar 2, 2013 12:46 PM Flag


    News out from AP...

    "The other Yahoo products set to be terminated include Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, the Yahoo Message Boards website and the Yahoo Updates API."

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    • Where is your source, Car1os?

      I realize that the new CEO is shaking up the culture at Yahoo, but the fact still remains that yahoo has been pumping a lot of resources into re-making these boards. You rarely see this kind of cap-ex for a dying product.


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      • It seems like this Yahoo Message Board (Yahoo Finance) will not be closed after all. Here is an official communiqué from Jay Rossiter, EVP, Platforms.

        “Our message boards on individual properties (like Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports) will REMAIN ACTIVE”

        Folks, we are BACK ON!

      • I see the news. Quite an about-face, but I think Meyers is on the right track in most respects.

      • Users make or break most business models on the Internet.. Yahoo! started out as a user oriented website.. they were viewed as the young upstart company that 'got it'. That 'it' is having a mindset oriented more around what the user wants. Take FaceBook or YouTube and the various clones that now compete with them: what they have in common is that they have embraced users contributions of content, API plugin extension, tie-ins to social and other types of sites, even those they might compete with, and, above all else, let the user decide what they see, who they see, and to a fair extent, how they see it. They do not set rules on including links and images except what the bulk of users want such as decency screening.

        Yahoo! has become the extreme basket case of the Internet.. going from user-spread popularity to being used only because they have an incumbent position that users are willing to stomach. The innovations, such as making use of HTML5 to do what's called 'responsive design' is nice as it can make for a better user experience that works across all scales of platforms including mobile phones. However, that is a a visual design experience, not a user mode business development issue. If they have the best darned HTML5 design on the planet and fail to include the user well enough into their thkning, they will be out of business or assimilated within five years imo.

    • It looks like on April 1st we shall all meet at Google to continue discussing CLWR’s fate.


    • Verge...

      "...although some parts of the services will continue operating. Yahoo's Finance and Fantasy Sports Message Boards will live on, and although it will no longer be updated or officially supported, .."