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  • teampt teampt Mar 13, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Factors that will determine ultimate price paid for Clearwire

    1)Statistical analysis based on past sales of spectrum and projected future revenue streams. This will be a low to high range. Various studies that have been presented by both sides.
    2)CEO's perceived value which may or may not be perfectly in line with statistical analysis.
    3)Bidding parties(companies) perceived needs to have the spectrum in order for survial in the future. This may be a different range that presented with statistical analysis. For one company it may be a necessity and the other just a nice addition.
    4)Ceo's emotional component, strength of desire to have spectrum just to keep it out of competitors hands.
    5)CEO's willingness to pay more just to be perceived as the winner(their EGO).
    6)Governmental intervention.
    Taking all this into consideration the ultimate price to be paid is hardly a simple calculation.

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