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  • indano indano Mar 14, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    APPLE GOOGLE MSFT: CLWR & S are targets

    As for the cost of the acquisition Netflix (Clearwire) (Sprint) has a ten billion ($2.2B should be $9B+) ($18B should be $30B) market cap. "Ten billion dollars is a rounding error for Apple given its cash hoard," Cramer said. A Clearwire bid is a logical choice!

    Apple farts those dollars each month.

    "It's pretty simple. Apple needs growth and it needs it in a visible red-hot way. Nothing would be hotter than a Netflix (Clearwire) (Sprint) acquisition," Cramer said.

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    • Make up a bunch 'o mo' stuff and maybe CLWR will move up 4c instead of 2c.. woowsie, wow wow!

      Hype, hype, hype.... hype that booty, hype that bootyyy.

    • Apple wants (needs) to supply a TD-LTE iPhone to China Mobile. They'll sell a billion.
      Apple would use the SAME PHONE on the newly acquired S+CLWR TD-LTE network - perfect fit!
      FASTEST network in the US. Unlimited data with CLWR 160 MHz of spectrum and Sprint for voice.
      Apple (or Google) can easily afford to dump $20B into Network Vision build and T & VZ will have to buy a laudry-mat to wash all the soiled panties.
      A major OS will buy CLEARWIRE. The FAT PIPE is just too valuable!

      $8+ NO LESS!