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  • pickbud pickbud Mar 14, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    Teamrep answers all with, remember, constant bashing!

    Has from the start.
    He clearly wants everyone to unload their stock before it takes off!
    Wht else does he spend countless hours, days, weeks, months on obsessing wityh his futile knowledge unless to defraud those on this board.
    One day, GOOD RIDDANCE!

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    • Remember, Teamrep doesn't care about you. Only promotes himseld and his wealth of knowledge about sh**
      Hope you didn't unload all your stock like he wants you to do.

    • Teamrep lines them all up
      Issues are all lined up
      Everything is all lined up.
      Give me a break.
      Teamripoff you're nothing but a PAID TROLL!

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    • You obviously haven't been following CLWR long. From even before the creation of New CLWR Teamrep was CLWR's most vocal promoter. He completely bought into CLWR's "Home & Anywhere" strategy and Intel's WiMAX dream. He continued promoting CLWR even after CLWR diluted shareholders multiple times just to continue promoting the dream. He blamed everything and everyone for CLWR's inability to succeed until no one was left except CLWR management.

      Eventually even Teamrep got tired of making excuses for failure. If it has come to the point where Teamrep is considered a basher that means pumpers have lost their best champion and there is no hope for CLWR's grand dream.

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      • Mega is an industry wonk who got a lot right: he correctly called the Clearwire business plan as being flaky from the start. That was pretty much the 'industry assessment' at the time - that Clearwire's was perhaps a more threatening attempt to render the higher frequency spectrum that had been considered outside the range of usable mobile frequencies but was not going to meet the competitive hurdles. In fact. most in the established wireless industry thought Clearwire's chances of posing much of a threat as being doubtful... but still enough so that Verizon, along with a fe other leading operators around the world and the suppliers willing to oblige them, quickly afterward pushed LTE efforts from the back burner to the front with the heat turned up to high. Verizon rolled out the LTE network ahead of a full steam of devices being ready... not just to counter little Clearwire but to chop off the chances for an alternative stream of commercial development from posing a threat. As mentioned many times, WiMAX was not a threat unless it harnessed the technology in the most robust ways possible.. it had to be so disruptive in the way it approached networks, cutting through cost structure similar to the emergence of the network-server vs the mainframe paradigm shift. Instead, the idiots decided to use the new technology without an architectural shift.. like the PC revolution dumbed down to being dumb terminals... how must sense did that make except as a way to protect an industry not yet prepared to jump into the IP network with both feet at the same time?

        Mega got the fact that Clearwire was half-funded, castrated by plan, but he said the new technology was faulted as well. The new approach is so right that the BORG dropped coveted CDMA in favor of it despite all the legacy holdings. Now the tech moves on and Mega is quick to lie about it. Get real lamebrain.

      • You liar!.. Anyone who can read and remember knows better. Go back to the remedial posting network.

      • Don't ya just love it when TR talks in the second person about himself. Just plain weird dude!! Time to get off these YMB and get to a psychiatrist - you will make them a fortune. Take your posts salong - not to bore them to death like you have all of us, but so they understand your incessant posting to get as feel for just how crazy you really are...

    • So let me get this straight!! He is opinionated,obviously well versed and he has been spot on about CLWR. So that makes him a basher?? You sheep will never lose this conspiracy theory montra!!

      Get a grip sheep, you now look for blame to cover the blunder of your snake oil investment. Fear not the lord looks after drunks,fools and children. Pray tell which one are you??

      Sheep Protector

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      • Teamrep is knowledgeable and realistic, but he has not been "spot on" about everything. He thought it was very unlikely Sprint would make a buyout offer. I think that was a reasonable assessment at the time, but Sprint did the unlikely. The same can be said of the DISH offer. He now thinks it is unlikely the FCC will rule to limit how much CLWR spectrum Sprint/Softbank can acquire. His reasoning is fair and supported by facts, but that doesn't mean he has a crystal ball any more than you or I.

        I also have to agree that it is rather unlikely anyone else will make an offer. But it is the unexpected that has caused this stock to rise from below a dollar to over 3 dollars. May the luck of the Irish be with all those who are still holding, because we'll need it to find the gold we made a bet on.

      • eeeeyyyah believe_schit. I'm soo looking for someone to blame for my CLWR investments from $1.52 and lower. My blunder is torturing the hell out of me. You on the other hand; how's that short working for ya buddy? Hee hee...

      • That's ur opinion and for ur info I have met these guys before on boards, nothing more then talking heads and quite boring, why would u come to his defense? Spot on, come on sir check the spot on ur shirt from ur dinner last night, thats all u understand about anything to do with spots. lmfao