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  • indano indano Mar 15, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    Our World Phone has Arrived: Galaxy S4 TD-LTE

    Of course, connectivity means a great deal to any smartphone: While the Samsung Galaxy S3 featured 4G LTE speeds, the Samsung Galaxy S4 works on 3G, 4G LTE and even China's TD-LTE bands, uploading and downloading data at an even faster clip, which is great for streaming large files or videos to and from the cloud.
    And who in the US can provide those high data rate download speeds?
    ONLY the Clearwire Network!
    Combine TD (time domain) changeable ratio of DL/UL coupled with 20MHz, 40 MHz, 100 MHz wide channels and spectrum aggregation and NO OTHER CARRIER will be able to match - not even come close - to Clearwire's speeds!
    Can't sandbag forever Sprint. When the world sees Clearwire's capability, EVERY US CARRIER will be forced to offer a DATA PACKAGE on the Clearwire Wholesale Network.
    T & VZ customers buying the S4 will ask "hey why can't I buy a Clearwire Data Package?" "the phone supports the Clearwire TD-LTE bands just like it supports China Mobile!!" - "I want to buy a Clearwire Plan!!"

    Imagine EVERY US smartphone paying Clearwire $5/mo for unlimited data.
    $1B per month in wholesale revenue - WOW !!!


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    • Samsung buy CLWR? No so far fetched
      For Samsung, Apple, Google even Microsoft, this is the next logical move. All are sitting on a lot of cash and need an investment that returns constant revenue.
      Owning a wireless network is akin to buying a TV network. NBC, CBS, ABC ... why not WMBC ... Wireless Mobile Broadcasting Company.
      WMBC would have a nationwide component and a 'local level' component (lease, wholesale) and carry 'child' (leasee) and 'parent' content.
      Perfect model for ANY ONE of the BIGS!
      They could do it ALL on the Clearwire Nationwide FAT PIPE.
      EVERY PHONE will support Band 41 TD-LTE (all will roam on to Band 41).
      Samsung was a proponent of WiMAX2 (Mobile WiMAX) which is OFDM like LTE - and - WiMax like TD-LTE has Always been Time Domain (TD).

      Now that TD-LTE is the MODEL FOR ALL, this is an appropriate time for Samsung (or Apple, Google, MSFT) to make their move. The WORLD HAS COMMITTED!

      Clearwire is the future of Mobile Broadband in the US.
      The BIGS are circling the prey, watching, waiting hoping to grab little Clearwire without a bidding war. But alas that tender meat will go to a very HIGH BIDDER (who likely will grab mother Sprint too).


    • The way mobile data usage is exploding, it would/nt be unreasonable to expect Samsung to make a bid for clwr. Maybe, FB can also be added to the long list of potential bidders.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Simply unbelievable... Get off the extreme hype. "Barnum and Bailey Circus tent, step right this way folks... Samsung Galaxy S4 is a device that is magic.. it funds networks, shows up in your picket... everyone will have it, presto-chango! This changes everything and removes all obstacles without costing Clearwire or anyone else a single dime! Reality is transformed overnight to curt, simple answers, Buuulah! (as that idiopt Cramer would say)"

    • Bloomberg Samsung S4: Wholesale Deals T,VZ,DT,CHL,DISH,Goog,Amazon,APPLE
      Bloomberg:Clearwire Spoke to AT&T, China Mobile About Deals
      Clearwire the wireless carrier that received takeover proposals from Sprint Nextel and Dish Network said it also had talks with eight other companies over the past two years about various deals.
      Samsung's S4 with TD-LTE support brings EVERYBODY back to the table to finalize those preliminary discussions!
      2000 CLWR TD-LTE sites light-up in June (they're active right now) - breath taking speed!

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      • From your post: "2000 CLWR TD-LTE sites light-up in June (they're active right now)"

        I thought there were only 800? What is your source for the 2000 number.

        BTW, I appreciate your posts. I'm just not sure the CEO's running the companies involved can seize the opportunities you mention. Mobile communication companies have the opportunity to become HD mobile entertainment companies, ending the take it or leave it packages cable offer.

        I'm all for and would be all in on "a la carte, anything, anywhere, anytime, entertainment and communications. Fat pipes with TD-LTE makes it possible.