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  • teamrep teamrep Mar 20, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    "We don't want the truth... that things are winding down, narrowing"

    "We want more fantasia from Indano!"

    Notice how this board 'votes' for Indano's crazy-axxed posturing while down on all else. The nimby idiots.

    As was highly likely, the process has been moving forward and Crest's left field attempts to interject are not being taken very seriously outside of use as a starting point in their pending lawsuit. There is no class action lawsuit, likely, imo, because the grounds are limited. The situation for common shareholder suckers borne every minute may be limited, but that is a fact of life of the market. Shareholders have the ability to sell, buy, sell first or buy first... they might equally benefit from downside if they chose the timing right. This is far late in the game to complain that the deal is bogus.. It is what is always is... pick when to sell and when to buy at your own risk. Crest's position has some merits but those are hemmed in by circumstances. Their real argument is that the timing is inopportune: that if allowed to remain intact longer CLWR would see a higher price despite whatever dilution or greater debt would be needed. However, since no other party has come forward with a resolute take out offer, Sprint remains the 'only game in town'.

    The situation with the stock is that volumes have moved down and Sprint is increasingly likely to be able to wrap up needed shares at the current market price or somewhat higher offer. The range of the price has narrowed to be where S could probably achieve 67% at between $3.20 and $3.60. If they were to come out with a sweetened offer or slightly higher with a near parity stock option in New Sprint, my guess is that this will wrap up. Of course, the circumstances can change as decisions pivot them.. but the options are narrowing.

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    • smethport1982 May 22, 2013 5:45 PM Flag

      Nobody believes your propaganda lies so why post them, are you paid off by the #$%$ crooks also?????

    • blah blah

      hehe !!!!!!!!!

    • You are quite wrong my friend, remember the market is much smarter than anyone. Surely the market is so foolish to keep the price above $2.97 Sprint price over the last 3 months. If the market only had your intellect and would just price this in at $1.80 where it should be if there were not people a lot smarter than you who is buying hand over fist.

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      • 1 Reply to velocityinvestor
      • The market is smarter only according to 'perfect market theory'. In reality, the market is just the sum of all the investor influences.. it can stray far off the mark and be upset by new details, outside decisions and influences. Perfect market theory holds that all information that is available and a reasonable expectation for what will turn up in the future is factored into the current price. However, suggesting that is how every stock, on every day works is just wrong and is not what the theory actually says. The theory says that OVER TIME the market takes all information into account. Of course it does. And many further studies soundly thrash the imperfections of the theory as it is expressed in the play of the market.

        Go ahead, believe in PMT just as you probably do in stocks as a religion. That is all another way of laying off lack of work or ignorance onto something you do not have to deal with. "I'm not lazy or stupid.. its 'all in the market' and the market is never wrong." Bullshisa.. tell that to people who bought CLWR at 12 and held onto the thinking 'the market is always right'.

    • The sad thing is, teamrep, you apparently takes the 'votes' seriously.

    • Just shut up moron - always acting like you're controlling events. Do yourself a favor and go to sleep. Nobody even bothers to read the garbage you spew out, day in and day out . The total dislikes/likes ratio you have received on this board simply proves that your opinions are biased and full of #$%$, and that you're the biggest nimby idiot on this board.

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      • 1 Reply to nivegulu
      • +LOL! Why does anyone try to understand companies, an industry or stocks? You do not control events but researching and thinking about the facts at hand and what is developing can guide your theories abut where the stock, company, industry, major trends in markets, etc. are going. If you are investing in stocks with the attitude that either the 'market knows better' than yourself or you cannot otherwise understand things better than a roll of the dice, then you are a real supreme nut case and waste of everyone's time. Sell every stock and buy gold.