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  • velocityinvestor velocityinvestor Mar 21, 2013 5:18 AM Flag

    If Clearwire was such a piece of sh$t then why wouldn't Sprint rid itself of Clearwire as the first step of the SB buyout

    There are an amazing number of facts that stand out that clearly show there is a lot of disinformation being put out by the bashers to get people into selling their shares. As stated above if Clearwire was the biggest piece of sh$t then why would Sprint immediately move to take ownership of the company as the very first step in the buyout of Sprint by SB. Why not just simply sell your minority interest at the time and kiss this piece of sh$t company goodbye and start a new with SB finally free of Clearwire that has been holding Sprint down for ohh so many years?

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    • the 2.5 gz spectrum's value has been exposed. mr son is no fool...neither is craig mccaw, john stanton or charlie ergen... clwr's real value drama continues to unfold....

    • Exactly, but they want the Fort Knox of spectrum for free, or in Son's case - the price of a milk shake w/o giving the minority shareholders a fair shake. If the law machinery does'nt work at this stage we'll be seeing a hollywood blockbuster in the not too distant future titled "The Taking of Spectrum 1..2..$3".

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      • Hold to get at a better offer: However, recognize that now that no other offers have come forward that the time-to-take-out period is more a negative for shareholders than positive in that Clearwire will show losses of subscribers that reveals an even greater dependency on Sprint investments and deployments. That becomes the counter pressure set up something like this:

        Sprint-SB will close on their deal and thus be prepared to move forward as a consolidated operation by this summer (3-6 months from now). They have lots of work to do in Sprint's networks and working on devices, marketing, and other areas but these are normally worked on in parallel rather than sequentially. Devices that can work on both Sprint's and the 2.6GHz LTE network will be "ready for prime time" starting in the second half which sets up motivations for pushing into roll out of TD-LTE in a more aggressive way by early 2014 a high priority.

        In the time between when Sprint-SB will be clear to move and have done work on other networks that prepare for joint use of networks, and when devices are widely available to push into users hands, Clearwire will be seeing a drop in business, use of Sprint's funding, probably the BOD dropping of DISH's offer, and the FCC clearance on the transfer of spectrum with, I suspect, a wholesale or other access accommodation for other operators. That further ties up Clearwire's future to doing the deal with Sprint as no other viable option exists.

        This sets up a standoff that Sprint could either wait out in expectation that by the latter part of this year CLWR investors will be picked off and forced into acceptance of their price... or, to just clear it out, slightly sweeten the deal. Does that matter so much either way?

    • Really?

      Clearwire is a like real estate trust: its business may be financially bankrupt while its assets or the business (buildings, etc.) that can be built upon it do not evaporate into thin air.

      Sprint values CLWR for what they must pay for it given the circumstances.

      This is yesterday's news already.. rehashing of the same story. Its toast.

      What is next for Sprint-SB and for the ICT industry? Where is your money going now?

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      • You prove my point, Spring could have and still can sell it's interest in Clearwire, withdraw the offer for financing and then watch the company implode. If what you say is true they would immediately fall into bankruptcy and would be forced to liquidate their spectrum holdings. Again if what you say is true, NOBODY wants this spectrum so Sprint could walk in and offer pennies on the dollar for it in bankruptcy.

        The fact of the matter is it is you who are short the stock or are a paid basher that wants people to panic out of their shares so this deal will go through after gaining enough shares to win the minority vote. It is you who is out of touch with reality.

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    • Softbank is clearly riveted on gaining control of clearwire for substantially below clearwire's net asset value.

      Dish recognized this and made a competing offer.

      Crest recognizes this and is leading the effort for shareholder rejection.

      Softbank's financier recognized that softbank would be WAY over-paying for sprint if clearwire wasn't acquired as part of the deal so the sprint acquisition was made "dependent" on sprint acquiring at more than 50% of clearwire, which it did via Craig McCaw.

      Mr. Son recognized it by quickly offering a ridiculous, $2.97 offer for clearwire via sprint "immediately" after consummating his bid for sprint.

      The biggest joke in Kirkland is that Mr. Son won't raise his bid for clearwire after it goes down in flames on the proxy vote. Of COURSE he will... if you're grocer won't sell you his Fresh King Salmon for $1.59 a pound... you would CERTAINLY offer him $1.99 a pound for it if you thought that would seal the deal when you know that every other store in town is charging $5.99 a pound for it.

      There's a lot of BS floating around out here that are clouding people's reason when it comes to recognizing what value is... and what value ISN'T...

      ... and all those people I mentioned above are "demonstrating" just what it is that they "recognize" about all of this.


    • If China mobile or Carl Icahn come to $5 a share offer for all Clearwire shares. Does Sprint will give up? If not, how could Sprint Hesse just gave $2.97 cheap? He is a low life, the cheapest man,
      robbing others money.