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  • teamrep teamrep Mar 21, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    What it is:

    DISH's offer is broken.

    Crest is a minority shareholder not the Chief Potentate of #$%$ over spilled milk.

    Sprint and Softbank are the majority owner and rights holder to the spectrum.

    The $2.97 price for the spectrum is wired into the failure of the old New Clearwire to develop into a successful competitor. It may look like a sorry situation for shareholders of temporary chits of paper ownership, but that is just tough. You placed your bets and won or lost. Tell it like it is: ownership still amounts to being in a bargaining position so screw Sprint-SB piddly offer until this play itself out. Unfortunately, the only thing likely is a slightly higher piddly offer. That's because, money flows to those who have a plan and take action, not to basket-case, brain-dead plans that result in $4 billion in debt no matter how that was contrived or unavoidable.

    #$%$ and moan.. face the situation. You have stock, hold-up the Baaaaasssstaaaards for as much as you can get. Its the little stupid guys against business interests. Build your own business and sell stock... flip over to the other side if you don't like the way the cards are dealt.

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    • Teamrep:

      For whatever reasons, the Y message board won't allow me to reply directly to your reply, so I'll answer up here.

      1) Your analysis of the share price fluctuation is your opinion. You've got yours. I've got mine.

      2) Same as above.

      3) Who told you I might be joking and am on drugs? How did you find out I am an idiot?

      4) No other offers ... yet.

      5) Sure, whatever you say....

      Bottom line is you seem terribly invested in pointing out CLWR's past failures. Might point about the past failures being irrelevant now is that SB/S's interest in CLWR is not about the business model of Wi-Max, it's about the spectrum and the exploitation of it over the next 20 years. Other posters have suggested that you're a former employee or consultant who got the short end of the stick. I wonder what would make them think that?

    • Not so fast Trep.... my caseworker told me DISH should offer .146 shares of its common for all of CLWR and strike up a spectrum sharing arrangement or lease with T-Mo PCS. I'm going to see if she's right... you never know. The FCC will welcome the innovations and Son will regret fooling around.

    • What exactly are you trying to prove?

      Here are a couple of things I know:

      1) If this were a done deal the share price would be $2.97. Even with today's pro-Sprint propaganda that the FCC was on course to approve the purchase of CLWR, the stock price actually went up .005.

      2) Smart , successful guys run Crest. If they are willing to stage a battle to force S to pay a higher price, than I am willing to hang out to see what happens.

      3) CLWR's past failures don't matter one bit now. It is all about the spectrum. Sure CLWR carries some debt, but not enough to discount the share price all the way down to $2.97.

      4) CLWR's convoluted governance is a problem, but there is fiduciary duty to the shareholders, and Prusch has completely abdicated that role. No big surprise, he is a Sprint appointee.

      5) McCaw has a make-whole stipulation for a reason.

      Teamrep you can smugly pontificate all you want. Ain't gonna make a bit of difference.

      • 1 Reply to rolfledolf
      • You put your ideas out there and can call what I say pontificating or whatever you want.. I am not the issue.

        1) Share price is slightly higher because of the chance of a sweetened offer closer to DISH's price. Its also probably a psychological number at which enough shareholders will capitulate. In any case, its not much.
        2) Guys at Crest are smart and have had some hits but also very noticeable losers.
        3) CLWR's past failure don't matter a bit now? You have got to be joking or are on drugs. You know better or are an idiot.
        4) There is more than the governance. Its the sum of the situation. Clearwire has no options and no offers that overcome them.
        5) McCaw used lots of OPM. He probably has written off the long investment side of the ledger. I doubt he loses sleep over this part of his investments. I would not be surprised if it turns out McCaw/Eagle River was hedged on Clearwire to at least have broken even.. probably a lot better.

        I am not being smug about this. The attitude on this board is like a circus freak show: so far fetched at times its lies.