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  • teamrep teamrep Apr 9, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    DISH's most recent submssion to the FCC .. a logically put together pleading

    A read of DIS"s most recent submission to the FCC, ex parte communication April 5, 2013, shows how a logical set of arguments is made: it asserts, again, that the FCC should do a fresh 'screening' of the 2.6GHz spectrum based on the fact that this is a normal activity of the FCC and is similar to what Sprint has requested in the past while the FCC was considering other operators spectrum or company acquisitions. They don't ask the FCC to step outside of the bounds of their authority to, for instance, to rule on how shareholders are being treated. They do not ask the FCC to speculate on value of the spectrum, an issue that the FCC leaves up to markets, including when they auction off spectrum.

    However, DISH reasserts that the spectrum is now positioned to become part of common global band use and that Sprint, as of their latest Sprint-Clearwire submission, has not provided details on a per license/market basis on utilization.. a common request by the FCC. Again, the form of the arguments, whether you agree or disagree with them, are being made properly. In comparison, Crest's submissions looks like amateurs on parade.

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    • One could take it you have a lot of Hate for any good reasoning that may effect the shareholders of Clear could it be you are working to cover some long distance shorts you may have bought. seems to me a few on this board is only speaking sell to drive the price down but it will never get below Sprints bid. By the way you read where another Hedge fund offered Clear another 80 mil along side of Crest 280mil today for the same $2.00 share price compared to sprints $1.50? what kind of Holes do you want to blow into that? Seems Clear B.O.D. have some thinking to do and maybe serious questions to answer in the future if they still dance to Sprints tune.
      These offers will have a large impact on how some share holders will vote in the near future along with the findings of this report. maybe more offers will step up to the plate also from other Hedge Funds.
      Lets see 280 +80 = 360mil that is close to 5 months funding that Sprint was giving and at a better share
      price of $2.00. Seems some are fed up with Sprints past dealings and now have the chance to drop the ball.

    • Crest is more focused on what’s in it for “me” while Dish’s view is more towards what’s in it for “society”.

      I bet one of them is a Republican and the other is a Democrat.