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  • loboosh loboosh Apr 19, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    This is a daytrade stock sits to long

    at the same pps buy the drop like on the 15th, stay in cash no one will raise the bid it's all hype clwr will get sold for 2.97.

    Look what happened to dell today same will happen here watch business is business.

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    • Loboosh, your ability to be consistently wrong is pathetic. You are the Golem of the board... Crawl back into your cave loser.

    • you are missing the fact that any common share holder will not take $2.97 over Dish $3.30 unless they are they fill the billing of the Child Left Behind. Dish would like to keep Clear as is and a wholesaler of Spectrum as for Sprint they will come to a end and when your talking $0.30 cents a share more money talks BS walks.
      Dish is willing to take a small % now as they know if the Soft bank deals fails with Sprint Sprint will be stuck with Clears Debt as a 51% owner again and will need to download that to 48% again but this time Dish will be in the shadows waiting. I believe that is one of the other biggest reason also behind the Bid for Sprint and one way or the other Dish is trying to take all.