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  • greekmonster101 greekmonster101 Jun 4, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    May I summarize


    1) the current Dish bid for CLWR is so afoul of legal and contractual realities that Ergen must know THAT

    2) One has to wonder what Ergan's true agenda is, given that the current bid clearly will not fly as it is

    3) it sounds to me that CLWR holders are simply talking their book, hoping for a higher bid, which is certainly your right, but note well, one could have sold today on the open market for above the Ergan bid.

    4) if CLWR is worth so much more than the current level, where are the many eager buyers, and where were they months ago when CLWR shopped it

    5) why is anyone complaining about well known agreed-upon rights, don't Sprint holders have rights too, and doesn't Sprint owe it to Sprint holders to protect Sprint holder interests

    6) And at the very get-go, why would anyone buy CLWR over Sprint in the first place, since as a Sprint holder, one owns half of CLWR as well

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    • GM101, I invested in both S and CLWR and tipped scales heavily to CLWR. Both have done great. To be completely honest, it is almost a wash since last year.
      1) Ergen must know that...and something else.
      2) see #1
      3) TDD-LTE Spectrum as appreciating, not depreciating asset. Time helps.
      4) Good question for CLWR BOD. Seems to be good activity now.
      5) Depends on what team you play on. Hatfields and McCoys forgot why they were shooting each other.
      6) To have property closer to the gold mine. Why have 50% instead of 100% as Son is asking himself now.

      I would be very happy with S going to $10 and CLWR going to $5+ in near term.

      Sentiment: Hold