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  • mr_whigglee mr_whigglee Jun 10, 2013 11:19 PM Flag

    Over on the S message board....shareholders are up in arms over the latest SB offer...

    after parsing Son's new deal, many posters are mad as *ell.....

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    • Many investors are complete duffuses.. they climb on board of individual stocks without knowing as much about it as the lawn mower that cost all of $400 and that they too time to check out, ask their neighbor about, read consumer reports... and came to a smart decision. Investors go to stick boards and ask fellow idiots, who are naturally biased, for an opinion... then do not read the 'operator's manual' or check much under the hood because its more fun to suspend caution and join the party atmosphere. Those with brains also get caught up in their own beliefs and human nature... I've been there and felt the pain of my own fallibility.

      What few investors want to believe is that Sprint and Clearwire are such basket cases that they hardly have a future if not bailed out by somebody. And Ergen is one of the best pitch men in the role of a CEO: DISH has some good things going for it, however, it lacks in many areas and the timing is a detriment to doing a deal with them. A deal with DISH needs to be discounted 20% or more compared to Softbank to make it look equal.. and then I would have misgivings about it... From my perspective, Sprint's management and BOD are thinking correctly... screw the little idiots who don't understand that.

      You make investments based on the prospects for growth etc. CLWR and S stocks are now 'hold up' plays. Time to bite imo.

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      • You mean duffuses like yourself and your so called insights team rep. And at least some of these have skin in the game, I bet like Mr. wrong you have no skin here. I can tell you that when I no longer have skin in this game I will no longer bore those intersted with my two cents. And to address the thread of this post, a concept you probably never thought of, it is clear that many sprint shareholders are not mad at the new offer in fact they support it, i.e. Paulson. In fact, I bet the ayes take the sb/sprint vote when its held absent a dish raise which would really make things interesting. So M r. Whiggle, you are often right but what ever insight you are getting from the sprint board is obvioiusly not unanimous and to be honest Paulsen trumps the views of a lot of the retail sprint posters.

      • I was over there, they certainly are. They are gettting a real raw deal. I would find out where the BOD's live if this goes through with SB, Paulson sucks too!

      • The only problem TR is that you have been saying the same thing about dish vs clwr since the pps was in the $2 range; and you made the same assertions that we were following the heard, not thinking, or stupid...... But, you were WRONG. Why are you right (saying the the same thing) this time?