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  • cs917047 cs917047 Jun 19, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    SA - Dish and S can't split the baby

    Sftb/S go to court to block the sale of 25% of CLWR to Dish, so that means Son wants all of CLWR. At the moment S has the highest bid, backed by CLWR Bod.
    I expect a make or brake bid by Son, directly from Sftb, for all remaining shares of Clwr. My money is on a make bid, (just) before the S/Sftb vote.
    Charlie will only win with a royal flush, and I for one, haven't seen the ace of hearts yet!

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    • The pending action of the court makes it unlikely Sprint-Softbank will raise their offer now. If the court enjoins the current tender offer, then DISH either goes away or must revise their offer. If that turns out to denude the tender of the points that remove control from Sprint and give that or other terms over to DISH, then Softbank-S may either let DISH acquire shares as a minority shareholder under their majority, EHA and contractual control, or up their bid. So long as the terms of control are maintained, Sprint-SB are lined up to gain ~68% of shares and determination over use of the spectrum. DISH would be along for the ride with proportional representation on the BOD but no overt way to block or interject their wishes on use of the spectrum.

      This and all else is speculative.. what matters is up to the court.

    • Edit - Dish has the highest bid of course!