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Clearwire Corporation (CLWRD) Message Board

  • Team -

    We have just announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved both SoftBank's investment in Sprint, and Sprint's acquisition of Clearwire. The decision completes all federal government reviews of both transactions. This is another major milestone in our pending transaction with Sprint, and we applaud the FCC's Commissioners and staff for their forward-thinking, pro-consumer stance, as demonstrated by approval of these transactions.

    Earlier this week, we also filed a supplemental proxy statement letting stockholders know that Crest Financial has agreed to vote in favor of the Sprint merger agreement. Crest is also urging other stockholders to do the same.

    I'd like to applaud our outstanding Legal and Spectrum/Regulatory teams that have worked closely with the FCC throughout Clearwire's history, from our early beginnings acquiring spectrum licenses to today's merger approval. Please join me in thanking these teams that have worked so hard to protect and support our valuable spectrum assets.