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  • teamrep teamrep Jul 5, 2013 3:56 PM Flag

    FC approval is Official: see the docu on the FCC website to get the full skinny

    Google for FCC-13-92A1.pdf or get if at the FCC website.

    I am reading it and statements that go with it, etc. so will wait to comment

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    • Sprint/Softbank come away with no restrictions on the transfer of Clearwire's spectrum, DISH and Crest motions all being denied or considered moot issues. The details of EBS-BRS alignment I had speculated about are not mentioned in the FCC order. The order is kept straight forward with few detailed requirements other than those expected such as handling of 800MHz that is agreed upon with DOJ and FCC elsewhere.

      Altogether, Sprint-Softbank now have full approval, less complicated by new rule making or stipulations than what I had suggested might be sought as appeasement of issues raised by Verizon, AT&T and others... all in all a big 'Win' for Sprint-Softbank.

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      • As suspected earlier, there is some language in the FCC approval about considerations for new rule-making on the 2.6GHz band. Basically what the FCC says is that there are current or expected deliberations under way such that it need not be considered under this order. That language may be what Pai mentions as part of what he got put into the agreement. That makes it copacetic with ongoing work and understandings taking shape within the FCC and among the major operators. By getting it put into the agreement, its not a 'big deal' but it is notable in that it is mentioned and not left out... its importance is more to other operators who will want to see follow through .. as such, its an issue that is made another of many more or less routine deliberations... which makes it a 'Win' as far as what Sprint-Softbank-Clearwire could have expected. The fact is that 2.6GHz sub-bands will gain in international use and, thus, there needs to be alignment and assurance of long-term license rights to afford roaming access. That is something to SB-S-CW's benefit and that they will be working to make happen to at least some extent regardless of pressure from other operators or the FCC because they want to build traffic.

        I don't see any 'gotchas' in the order... still checking to see if something snaps out.