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  • anna_44147 anna_44147 Feb 6, 2004 2:39 PM Flag

    3 minute blip down

    Did anyboy else notice the three minute blip down to 17.60 on Wed. 2/4 three minutes into the trading day? My stops at 20 and 18 were taken out, then stock promptly resumed high trading. Smells of something. I complained to NSDQ.

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    • I did. I too was wondering what happened. The volume was extremely high. I think that it might have to do with the shares that were recently sold to raise money for the company.
      Very interested to know why that happened.

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      • I have inquired at my broker "Scottrade". Branch Manager checked with their trader and market maker. Supposedly compliance was checked and everything was in order. However Scottrade did adjust the price of the shares that were called from me. My stop loss was 500 @ 20.00 executed at 18.03 and 500 @ 18.00 executed at 17.60. Adjustment was made for 1000 @ 18.10. Looking at minute to minute trades my first stop loss should have been filled at 19.40 the second was close enough.
        My complaint at NSDQ stands for what it's worth.