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  • inneshka2006 inneshka2006 Mar 22, 2007 1:39 AM Flag

    Cramer interview on manipulating the market:

    See Cramer's interview;

    >IMO It's a SERIOUS CRIME how the Market Makers can drive (down) the price
    of a stock under the guise of creating "LIQUIDITY"(IMO Hedge Funds are Guilty as well):

    >CBSX Press Releases
    >Stock Exchange (CBSX) Trades More Than 7.67 Million Shares In First Week Of
    >36 Stocks Now Listed On The Newest U.S. Stock Exchange
    >Chicago, March 9, 2007 - The CBOE Stock Exchange, LLC, a subsidiary of the Chicago
    >Board Options Exchange (CBOE), reported that during its first week of trading,
    >than 7.67 million shares changed hands on the newest U.S. stock exchange.
    >CBSX launched on Monday, March 5, with 12 stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
    listed. During the same week, an additional 24 stocks and ETFs began trading at
    CBSX. Next week, the week of March 12th, 50 additional stocks and ETFs will be added.
    >CBSX expects to list 2,800 of the most actively traded New York Stock Exchange,
    NASDAQ Stock Market, and American Stock Exchange listed securities as well as Exchange
    >Traded Funds (ETFs) and other listed securities. The roll-out schedule for additional
    listings is available at
    >CBSX is a fully electronic, Reg NMS compliant marketplace, offering strict price-time
    priority for all participants. Liquidity will be provided by Designated Primary
    >Market Makers (DPMs) and Remote Market Makers (RMMs) with stringent quoting
    standards to create competitive and deep markets for execution of large-sized orders
    at the
    >best available price. All market participants will receive industry-leading
    >and market data rebates, with DPMs and RMMs receiving the highest rebates. Other
    liquidity providing market participants will be competing on equal footing with
    >DPMs for liquidity and market data rebates. Price-setting competition between
    CBSX liquidity providers will ensure the market's success as an electronic trading
    >CBOE announced on July 27, 2006 that it was partnering with four leading liquidity
    providing firms: Interactive Brokers Group, LLC; LaBranche & Co Inc.; Susquehanna
    >International Group, LLP; and VDM Specialists, LLC to create a new stock exchange,
    the CBOE Stock Exchange (CBSX).
    >In addition to the four partner firms, Equitec Specialists, LLC and Wolverine
    Trading, LLC were appointed to serve as Designated Primary Market Makers to provide
    >The CBOE Stock Exchange, LLC (CBSX) is a newly created stock trading facility
    of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated (CBOE) and will employ the CBOEdirect
    >trade engine, which currently is used by CBOE and the CBOE Futures Exchange
    >For more information about CBSX, including access, market model details, and
    >Lynne Howard-Reed
    >(312) 786-7123
    >Gary Compton
    >(312) 786-7612