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  • jsbd123 jsbd123 Mar 5, 2009 5:47 PM Flag

    Cutting Dividends

    It seems like everyone is cutting their dividends. Not NRGY!! Everyone is buying Pasta stocks, Dollar store stocks, and non-union scab stock Walmart. These are stocks people will look to in a recession. Nrgy also has a product that is vital to the needs of people. I have heard nothing about them lowering their dividend. Why the sell off. Someone help me understand!

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    • the_good_names_were_taken_49 the_good_names_were_taken_49 Mar 12, 2009 10:11 AM Flag

      When people panic, and sell their mutual funds; the fund managers have to sell some of all the stocks in them, good or bad. You would think they would just dump the losers, but that would be too much work. Everytime this stock gets near the $20.00 range; I buy more. I probably shouldn't have so much of it, but those dividends are sweet, and I expect the stock to go up. To me that equates to: win-win. I think NRGY has increased their dividend payment every quarter for about 20 quarters. Where else are you going to get 13% on your money. I think propane is pretty safe also. It may not be sexy, but people buy it.

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      • Have had shares since 2004,sold all my other stocks/funds beginning in April last year....rode with cash until Nov08-Jan09 and loaded up on more NRGY between 14-19....just before they announced another dividend increase in mid Jan. Made back everything I'd lost early in 08, and I'm back on the positive side, while the DOW, S&P, and Nasdaq continue to struggle. I've even hunted up other strong MLP's in Nat. Gas and Crude pipelines....just waiting for another good drop to diversify a little and take in the great quarterly checks of about 10-15% ayear.

    • Obama !

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      • I'm really starting to think that his inflated ego is destroying this country. Everyday he is on the air talking about how he is going to spend billions of dollars. I wish he would just shut up for a week and give the market time to re-adjust. By the way some of us are wondering is there such a thing as a "Gazzillion" dollars?