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  • k_walker35764 k_walker35764 Mar 18, 2009 6:10 PM Flag

    More than a propane company!

    Careful study of Inergy's annual report, and other information out on this gem give me confidence this company is not only sound, but has made wise acquisitions over the last few years. They started out as "just a propane" company. But in the last few years they have diversified into LNG storage and distribution assets (pipelines). In each of these acquisitions, they did their homework. Not only did they generate more cash flow, but they are gradually smoothing out the propane seasonal impact with steady revenues from the LNG assets. The purchase US Salt last year gave them current, and future storage assets in the high-volume NY and NE markets.

    Just look at the acquisition dates of LNG assets, and the cash flow impact during the trailing year/year. You'll see a sound company, with no where to go but up. (That is unless someone discovers a cheaper, more abundant and efficient energy source in the next 5-10 years.