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  • sleven sleven Jan 20, 2010 9:14 AM Flag

    Pricing of Units at $36.25

    or about a 3 1/2 % discount from the close.

    Propane is a stable economic staple used for swimming pool heating, barbecues, gas ranges, home heating and gas fireplaces among other uses. The stated Inergy Strategy is to gain a strong footprint in important markets and grow the base. They have been relentless acquirers and appear to have the expertise and experience to rapidly integrate many acquisitions seccessfully. This is a key element in a growth franchise.

    Their other natural gas operations near large population centers affords another degree of stability of markets.

    It can be said that this enterprising growth company with young energetic management has a ways to run. With a strong capital base it seems to be a nice yielding investment with a cash generating capacity of vast proportion.

    I have just acquired units in todays offering after careful review of the Prospectus and am new to this Board. I have made many MLP investments starting in the Fall of 2009 and am quite pleased with the returns to date, not only in the distribution rates but in price appreciation averaging between 15 and 30%.

    Stay tuned.