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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger Apr 7, 2010 9:24 AM Flag

    NRGY (Inergy) under review by thousands of Inst's

    The BERGER 500 placed an ANALYST ALERT on NRGY yesterday where thousands of TOP INSTITUTIONAL INVESTMENT FIRMS had been advised that The BERGER 500 had concluded its DD on NRGY and initiated a STRONG BUY in the equity NRGY going forward. NRGY is now under review by a select group of ANALYSTS and is on the radar screens for immediate investment in NRGY.


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    • I really don't like "thousands of top institutional investment firms" being advised of this company. As long as NRGY is under the radar we are doing fine; when you get too many institutions involved in the buying and selling process, the stock price will fluctuate at their mercy rather than the individual INVESTOR. If a group of institutional investors decide to sell all at one time, the rest of the "little guys" like me, will definitely lose our profits while they rush to sell-off their millions of shares.

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      • True, they need to load up first which wil give the "little guy" a chance to get a better valuated stock putting the little guy in the money. Right now NRGY has run sideways. The little guy has to day trade to make money here or hold long for the dividends. There is a flight to quality, in the end it is in NRGY to be on the radars.

        By the way, The Faber Report just ALERTED the CNCB crowd about mergers in this sector..... also good news for the little guy.

        THE BERGER 500 had ALERTED THOUSANDS of QUALITY INSTITUTIONS on Inergy placing the dividend structure as a major reason to jump on board outside the possibitily of an increasing share price due to market valuations that place NRGY $50+ based on the piggies in the sector.

        Good Trading!