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  • heg_fuyung heg_fuyung May 12, 2010 10:48 PM Flag


    To: robbie_berger, this is directed toward you.

    Straight from Inergy Headquarters:
    Thank you for your question and interest in Inergy. At this time there are no plans to announce a unit split for NRGY.

    Vince Grisell
    So robbie - whatever you have been smoking or drinking is not helping you. The false conversations you say had in a previous blog with NRGY IR department was only a dream. WAKE-UP and stop the BS! I'm happy you like this company, but your make believe information discredits any true belief of your postings.

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    • Also, look at the wording of the reply. At THIS TIME "=NOW" there is no plans to announce a unit split.

      Maybe next week will be the time. Your reply is open to "interpretation" and not answering anything.

      Good Trading!

      • 2 Replies to robbie_berger
      • Hey dude. Give it up while you still think you know something about this company. Like the man said, you don't know nothing.

      • Besides drinking an smoking weed too much - you know nothing. The Manager of the IR department wrote - "... there are NO plans..." Where do you see or interpret NO as meaning Now? So you never spoke with Vince or even contacted him or you would have known his reply. Secondly, your imaginary telephone conversation with John Rowe who is Chairman and CEO of Exelon (including other titles) that you wrote about is also more BS. You don't even know the man's name or correct title and you want others to beleive what you are saying? If you can't publish any truth and substantiate it, then go somewhere else and bother them. There's enough BS floating around the marketplace now without you adding more!

    • NRGP is doing a 3 for 1. My question was to Inergy IR why not split NRGY for the same reasons. I clearly stated that I am a member of a private message board. The topic of splits was a conversation that was of topic. If you time my post to the split of BIDU on the 10 for 1 stock split you will see that my post came before the BIDU split. Where do you think the BIDU BOD got a heads up for the split that was and is working? I am not claiming that I myself ordered the 10 for 1 BIDU split, however, I am not saying that our group had any inpact of the decision for the split. I dabble in stocks, futures, and option. Others lay MILLIONS down by the click of the mouse and have access to BOD's with suggestions for increasing shareholder equity..... the main objective of the company is to increase stakeholder equity. NRGY is a great company with great management, I believe that they will act in the best intrests of the stakeholders. A 5 for 1 stock split in NRGY would in fact be looking out for stakeholders profits and minimizing losses if a second dip is on the way. I never said in fact that NRGY is going ahead with a 5 for 1 stock split. I said that they are taking it into consideration, as they should be. Seems to me that NRGY has had time in market to break $40 and has not broke that level that is on the upward slope. That says something must be done to restructure the equity, or suffer the consequences that this market brings to all companies.... no one is immune. You would think with the uncertainty of the market and analysts calling for a DOW 500 with the recent sell triggers that overide institutional trading via computer programming, a 5 for 1 is more than reasonable to consider.What would happen to NRGY if a computer triggers a 20+million selloff and a naked push? Then think of all the other institutions that have the same programs in place......snowball. Again, for the redcord.... NRGY never said a 5 for 1 NRGY split is on the way. It is only in consideration. If NRGP is doing this for the stated reasons, why not follow with NRGY? Sideways stocks do not gain attention or new investors or in many cases keep current investors. Some fantastic companies have been given the order for thr death spiral and taken over as we all know to be true in the market when a company does not accomodate the market maker, institutions, and retail investors. Natural Gas stocks are heating up right now and NRGY is running sideways. All I know is something must be done when this equity is undervalued and is missing the run. If there is in fact no split coming, I strongly suggest buying puts to insure your holdings. For the price it is woth it.I do not like the tone that the BIG PLAYERS that run this market are saying right now. There seems to be an expected minnimum 30% drop from the current levels and it is catching on in Wall Street and may hit Main Street. Im just here looking at all reasonable possibilities in the market and how it exactly fits with certain securities. You know that I am a plant here for investor sentiment. So I thank you very much for your reply as it will be added to the overall equation on NRGY.

      Good Trading!

    • Robbie; you are a con artist and full of shit, stop with the nonsense, you can't make the price up up on pure lies.
      a waste of time even reading the dribal you write on this board!